Welcome to the PNW Guild of Cosplayers

We are a community of cosplayers here in the great Pacific Northwest. With over 250 members, we span from Vancouver, British Columbia to southern Oregon. The Guild is proud to serve our local cosplay community by hosting meetups, photo shoots, mentorship and support for our members. We are a community of cosplayers, by cosplayers. You can find us at most of your local conventions and community events here in the Pacific Northwest. Our guild is founded on the premise of inclusivity and support. We work to improve our local cosplay community by promoting friendship, community, tolerance and support.


Our Mission

We aim to help promote strong and healthy community here in the Pacific Northwest. We strive to better the cosplay community through friendship, support, encouragement and assistance. We are proud to teach tolerance, acceptance and inclusivity. We stand against discrimination or intolerance within our community and our art. We will work to educate and promote healthy and supportive values between cosplayers. We are pleased to serve as a liaison or advisor between conventions and cosplayers.


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Meet the Officer Corps

We are your current Guild leadership team. We work together to help enrich, strengthen and grow our Guild and the cosplay community. As a team, we each bring our own unique ideas and perspectives to help create opportunities and events here in the Pacific Northwest. We host social meetups, photoshoots and you can find our booth at most of our local conventions. We are here to support, educate, assist and encourage our members and the greater cosplay community. If you ever have any questions, concerns or ideas please feel free to reach out to us at PNWguildofcosplayers@gmail.com or simply ask an officer. We are proud and honored to serve our PNW cosplay community.


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Thank you again for visiting the Pacific Northwest Guild of Cosplayers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


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